Envisioning Platforms as Public Good

Inclusive Growth Through Inclusive Technologies

Empowering small entrepreneurs such as farmers, artisans and waste-pickers with technology that creates a level-playing field

Livelihood Innovation at Grassroots Level

Embedding engineers in villages and slums to jointly discover solutions with farmers, waste-pickers, artisans

Co-creating Domain Solutions that Work

Co-creating domain solutions with partners and ensuring their success through reference implementations

Digitizing Solutions Through Inclusive Platforms

Codifying solution models and making them digitally accessible to micro-entrepreneurs, social businesses and other players in the eco-system

Delivering Scale Through Partnerships

Partnering with governments, social businesses, corporates and international organizations to collectively deliver impact at scale

Building Inclusive and Sustainable Societies through Digital Platforms 

I Got Garbage

Waste Management

A waste management platform to improve the livelihood of a waste workers and fewer landfills for citizens.

I Got Crops


An integrated platfom that enables farmers to manage cooperatives and sell directly to the consumer.

University of Commons

Community Engagement

A societal change platform that enables citizens and social entrepreneurs address issues in their communities.

I Got Knowledge


A platform centered around better learning experience for children in rural education ecosystem.

I Got Skills


A skills management platform that enhances individual skills and helps get a job of one’s choice.

Impact Delivered


Social Businesses




Digital Micro-Services on the Platform


Transactions at the Grass Roots 



Partners in the Journey to Build Inclusive Societies 


Dignified Livelihood for Wastepickers - A look into the journey of Muniswamy, Composting Consultant

Success Stories

I Got Skills - Job Seeker

See how Amaresh improved his skills and found the job of his choice through I Got Skills platform.

I Got Crops - Farmer

See how Muniamma increased her annual revenue 3X through I Got Crops platform.

I Got Crops - Consumer

See how Raji’s decision to eat high quality food changed the life and lifestyle of a farmer.

Consulting - IGG

See the impact of a technology framework on livelihood generation and supply chain traceability in plastic waste recycling.

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