Experiences on the Way

IGC - Field Stories

The journey was surely exciting and had some memorable experiences. Here are a few of them. 

IGC Experiences

Get me a new feature… 

It was the time when we’ve rolled out the input aggregation module as part of the I Got Crops platform. This module is used by the field agents to buy and sell the produce. The solution was originally designed to sell seeds, fertilizers, and compost to farmers. Little did we know that Parvathy, one of our field agents had something else in mind. She said, “I rear chicken can I sell my chicken on your platform? I want to put up a photo of the chicken, put the price of the chicken and sell it on the platform.” This was the first user requested feature that was completely new and the one we did not imagine. She didn’t stop there. She said, “my neighbors also rear chicken, so I want you to enhance the module for me to be able to take their chicken and be able to track whose chicken belongs to whom”. This is how our users are thinking beyond the scope of the solution and we are encouraging them by building new features to make the societies more inclusive.

IGC Experiences

Owning the IGC story

Kalpana is an Agriculture Business Accelerator (ABA – the field leader who uses our platform). She was at Mindtree one day to sell her produce at a stall set up in the cafeteria. While all the ABAs know me, Kalpana never met me until then. I went for the store opening function and was in the audience. She called me and explained for a while on what is “I Got Crops”, a Mindtree.ORG initiative and the entire story. For a second, I was taken aback but felt proud as punch. In a truly inclusive society, people own the solution with the same pride that the technologist made it with. That day, it was clear to me that we’ve created something good and it is in the hands of the rightful owners.

Written by Deepthi Kamath, Co-Founder IGC

IGC Experiences

Teens will be teens

And then we thought teens behave differently depending on which background they’re coming from. Here is a great experience we’ve had that made us realize that teens will be teens no matter where they come from. 

It was a hot afternoon and Prashant headed out to the farm to check if plowing was completed. He was accompanied by some more farmers and that is when he saw a delightful sight of a teenager plowing away to glory with his crowbar. Only that the teenager was wearing low-rise rugged jeans and was listening to some Bhojpuri (a local language in Bihar, India) song through his headset. The music was playing from his Red Nokia handset specifically made for music lovers. 

What a sight that was. 

The story got interesting only when he was oblivious to the fact that his low-rise jeans decided to fall off. Our teenager was still plowing and obviously our warnings were never reaching his ears that were plugged with heavy metal Bhojpuri songs. 

Other than the pants falling off, may be that too at times, the reality in urban India is no different with the teenagers living in their own world doing their thing.