Experiences on the Way

IGS - Field Stories

The journey was surely exciting and had some memorable experiences. Here are a few of them. 

IGS Experiences

Grassroots connect with the unemployed Indian youth

Reaching out to the masses and seeing things from their perspective is often a challenging exercise. It requires one to establish connect, communicate frequently, and build trust over time. Working with 750,000 unemployed youth from the state of Karnataka took us through a journey not many have gone through before. Through 2 million phone calls and 250,000 face-to-face interactions over 9 months, IGS has established a deeper understanding of the mindset and career preferences of unemployed youth, and a continuous channel of engagement for them in career guidance and match-making. From candidates looking for quick money through short-term employment to candidates looking for long-term employment in the public sector, IGS caters to a job seeker base with very diverse career preferences, and is constantly building on these experiences and data, enabling insights and improved solutions for such underserved livelihood markets.

IGS Experiences

Building platforms in an unexplored and non-digitized market

IGS operates in a highly unorganized and untapped skilling and employment market, bringing with it lot of inherent challenges. If one looks closely, it’s not difficult to notice the huge information asymmetry that plagues the blue-collared ecosystem. Jobseekers are unaware of the career opportunities and how to access them, training providers don’t have a reliable forecast of the skills in demand for the short-term and long-term, and employers don’t have a reliable and continuous channel to recruit candidates who match their specific needs. Adding to these challenges is the penetration and adoption of digital technologies among stakeholders despite the availability of low-cost smartphones and internet connectivity. Building digital solutions for such markets is inherently complex, and one has to overcome cultural, behavioral, financial, logistical, and communication barriers to make a meaningful impact of any kind. Through constant SMS promotions, telephonic user surveys, and self-help manuals made available in regional languages, IGS has been successful in improving the technology adoption rate among both candidates and employers, who are now happy to find their opportunity matches with just a click on their desktops and smartphones.

IGS Experiences

Running Skilling & Employment programs at scale

In April 2017, Government of Karnataka had launched ‘Kaushalya Karnataka’ initiative for skilling unemployed youth, and help them find suitable career opportunities. Over 750,000 candidates from all over Karnataka have registered for this program. I Got Skills and UNDP (United Nations Development Program) had partnered with this initiative, and taken the responsibility of providing career counseling, training and employment match-making for all the registered candidates.

For the successful execution of Kaushalkar program, a three-step process was developed by IGS for the registered candidates; tele-counseling, face-face counseling, recommendations, and match-making. During tele-counseling, candidates were assigned job sectors and trades based on their aspirations, qualifications, experience and market demand. Face-face counselling involved the candidates taking employability and skill assessments for their chosen sectors and trades, in compliance with NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework). At the end of the a process, candidates were given recommendations for training and employment, based on the assessment outcomes. The final step in the process was match-making, where profiles of candidates who successfully completed counselling were shared with training providers and employers on-boarded by IGS, based on the requirements and preferences shared by them.

Over 500,000 candidates and 20,000 employers had participated in the process with IGS, including short-term campaigns like Kaushalya Bhagya and Regional job melas organized by the government. IGS had also set up a BPO help desk to provide career guidance, training and employment match-making services to all the stakeholders on a need basis. All the registered candidates, employers, and training providers had also been given free life-time subscription to IGS marketplace, a platform where they connect and transact with each other digitally. In November 2018, IGS marketplace had been made public, and registrations were opened to candidates, employers and training providers from all over India.