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Enriching the education landscape through technology solutions that help address learning gaps and help stakeholders collaborate.

Multiple stakeholders are involved in creating and sustaining a good learning environment – teachers, students, principals, parents, Governments, NGOs, school consortiums and tutors. I Got Knowledge aims to provide technology solutions that identify and solve the gaps in student learning and school processes. IGK App suite enables Skill Assessments, Infrastructure Inspections, School Leadership and Teacher Training, Collaboration tool for School Management Committees, Mobilization and Training of rural tutors. These are aiding NGOs, social enterprises and government education departments alike to improve learning environments in schools.


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Micro assessments 

Real World Solutions

Gap, Strength and Interest-based learning

The pace of learning differs from child to child, based on her own interests, capabilities and individual learning curves. However, the norm of standardized lessons and testing, so widely prevalent in our schooling system, does not recognize that in a typical class children are most likely to be at different points on the learning spectrum.

The IGK learning platform, in collaboration with expert learning partners, has designed unique learning modules for primary schools to facilitate learning based on individual interests and strengths. The learning modules are divided into smaller bytes with granular details and the platform allows schools to remap the course content in these learning bytes. Teachers are encouraged to conduct fortnightly micro-assessments for children and have access to analytics for each child – areas of strengths and weaknesses by each topic. This allows the teacher to do timely interventions and help address learning gaps in real-time, which otherwise would only be done at the end of six months or a year.

School Leadership Program

To ensure that relevant and meaningful learning takes place in schools, the role of key stakeholders like Headmasters, Teachers, and the Community is critical. To help build and strengthen leadership capabilities of each of these stakeholders, the IGK learning platform engages with them through its School Leadership Program, in collaboration with expert learning partners.

Enabled by IGK, the program uses a combination of activity-based workshops, onsite coaching & field support, self-learning material, and an active peer-learning network to facilitate leadership skill development.

IGK platform carefully curates pathways that unfold for the change maker to engage with school stakeholders through meaningful interactions and work towards achieving goals through well-defined micro milestones. These routes have been handpicked by distilling the experience of those who have delved into complex social issues and pioneered change in similar contexts. 

School Development Program 

Apart from improving the School Leadership, in many cases, a holistic transformation to the education ecosystem can be made by working closely at the level of local government officials as well. The IGK technology platform enables a government official or transformation agent to assess the maturity of education ecosystem across the district/block/cluster level, set micro-targets and allow problem discovery, collaboration between various stakeholders for problem resolution and governance of the actual performance at the ground level.

Rural Tutor

There are social enterprises invested in empowering youths in remote rural areas by skilling them to become community tutors, helping them secure a livelihood. These trained tutors in turn support the education system to improve the quality of learning among the most deprived and backward sections of rural society. The IGK learning platform provides tools to support mobilization, training, governance, and certification of the tutors and enables the scaling up of this transformative work to a growing number of rural youths.  

The platform enables focusing on the right skills to be imparted to the tutors, supported by relevant, bite-sized content. Moreover, real-time monitoring of the child’s learning progress helps ensure that the child is benefiting in areas where she needs the most support.

Infrastructure Inspections

A functional School Infrastructure that provides essential facilities is a critical pillar of Whole School Transformation. Infrastructure Inspection is an Android-based mobile application that helps assess, manage and organize a school’s infrastructure. It allows visibility and tracking of all issues at the school level, as well as at the block/ district/ state level – from anywhere, anytime.

Enabling School Management Committee

School Management Committees have tremendous potential to transform the existing system of education, typically characterized by apathy, cynicism and an overall defeatist attitude across stakeholders. SMCs could be powerful change-agents in helping reinstate a well-functioning school system through positive and constructive collaborative action by its different members representing parents, teachers, social enterprises and government. Great things happen when members team up and work together towards the community they care for.

By empowering School Management Committees, IGK learning platform:

  • Enables members to achieve more with productive meet ups and meaningful agendas to drive actions better by improving ownership, accountability and transparency.
  • Collaborate with other SMC members, as well as higher authorities  for query resolution and closure of actions

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Social Businesses and NGOs

You can onboard all your education programs on to IGK to enhance the learning programs, operate them centrally, take real-time interventions through analytics and improve the learning impact. 

Corporate Foundations

Education is one of the largest CSR focus areas in India. The IGK platform enables corporate foundations to carry out a systemic consolidation and scale up of the education reforms they support.


Governments can run their state-wide or nation-wide programs on IGK and and play a part in helping improve learning outcomes, by taking advantage of the technologies and the partners who are already onboard. IGK will help execute the entire project with Government.

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