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Story of Raji

See how Raji’s decision to eat high quality food changed the life and lifestyle of a farmer.


How does Raji buy high-quality food for her family and also knows everything about the producer?

Raji is a regular conscious customer who wants to purchase good quality food for her family.

Her biggest challenge was to differentiate between genuine and bad quality products. Raji lacks the information and awareness to make an informed decision. There were way too many brands, varieties, marketing messages and prices that were confusing her further. What Raji positively knows, is that she would choose quality over a minor difference in the price and would like to get an insight into the roots of the products she and her family consumes.

The Impact

Making an impact at every level

Role of IGC

Raji heard about the IGC platform and registered herself to check out the products. The IGC App, unlike the other ecom apps, connected her directly to the farmers. Now, Raji is aware of where her food was grown and is assured that it is consciously grown. Additionally, Raji is also given information about her impact on a farmer’s life due to this direct purchase. 

Impact Delivered

Raji is now enjoying the complete transparency and is able to make informed decisions about the products that she buys. She also feels good about the impact she has created in the farmer’s life.

Her contributions directly go to the farmers which them to put their kids in schools and provide them with better nutrition. Raji’s decision to value good quality food is directly impacting the producer’s livelihood.



“I never knew that my conscious decision to eat high-quality food would change the life and the lifestyle of a farmer. I feel so connected with the farmer and eat with full satisfaction.”

Raji, Consumer