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Information Technology enabled reference implementation pilot for nation’s flagship waste management initiative

Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) is the Union Government of India’s flagship program aimed at cleaning up the streets, roads and infrastructure of Indian cities, smaller towns, and rural areas.

Going forward with the objective of a cleaner India, along with sanitation the Swachh Bharat Mission today aims to incorporate solutions for solid and liquid waste management along with its focus on sanitation. To enable the same, partnered with Swachh Bharat Mission to carry out pilots in three cities; namely, Mysore, Ghaziabad and Delhi.

As a part of the pilot, rolled out its established solid waste management solution suit – I Got Garbage, which enables multiple stakeholder interactions and offers a seamless integration of the value chain operations. During the course of the pilot Mindtree.Org worked with Swachh Bharat Mission and other stakeholders in the Urban Local Body and citizen communities  to streamline operations and drive technology adoption.