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Traceability in Plastic Waste Recycling

See how a large FMCG manufacturer is building traceability in plastic waste recycling. 

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Technical Partner for enabling livelihoods and building traceability in plastic waste recycling has partnered with Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) and United Nations Development Program (UNPD) to develop and operationalize the engagement framework to work with the informal sector, government agencies, social enterprises and citizen communities to build an inclusive reverse supply chain for identified plastic waste streams.

The vision for the partnership is to co-create and enable inclusive value chains in plastics waste leading to:

  • Livelihood generation through a sustainable business model
  • Traceability and accountability in plastics value chain is contributing through its domain expertise in business, consulting and technology in the domain of waste management to supports an entrepreneurship based waste inclusive reverse supply chain model co-created by the three partners.