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Technology-Led Agri Strategy For a State Government

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Technology-led agri strategy for a state government to propose commodity business models and value chain interventions for marginal farmers

Small & marginalized farmers in India typically earn between 14-21% of what the retail customers pay for their produce. Not only is their revenue share the smallest compared to other players in the commodity value chain, but the proportional cost is also probably the highest. And so is the risk; given the variations and uncertainties in their production inputs. collaborated with a state government department to carry out a scoping study in the identified districts of intervention. The objective of the study was to evaluate the ground realities of small farmer value chain and propose commodity-led interventions leading to commodity portfolio design, business modeling and implementation plan to build farmer ownership in the value chain. Today, consulting is in the co-creation mode, working with various stakeholders to further enhance the proposed model and build partnerships to ensure scalability and sustainability of the intervention in various geographies.