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Inspiring Citizens to become Changemakers and building cutting edge Civic Tech Platforms University Of Commons

Powering active citizens and entreprenerus drive change in their communities.

At University of Commons we explore solving community’s challenges, and strive to build sustainable, systemic solutions. These solutions need a whole new thinking, diverse talent and innovative approaches that transform citizens into ‘neighbourhood entrepreneurs.’

The mission is to build an online & on-ground, network of communities for meaningful volunteering, purposeful fellowships and social entrepreneurship.

To accomplish the mission of mobilizing a hundred million active citizens by 2030, UoC has chosen a three-fold strategy. First, to build capacity with citizens that drive change locally. This will build funnel for, the Second, that is to identify and support changemakers in achieving their mission. And Third, to build cutting edge digital platform for such transformation to happen.


Community Members


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Hours of Community Work

Real World Solutions

Journeys of Change

Driving change is not taught in classrooms. The Journeys of Change at UoC are carefully curated that foster the idea of responsibility and empathy. Exploring these journeys, participants engage with social entrepreneurs, communities and immerse in complex problem spaces. Young adults from academia and corporate (aged 18 to 40) experience change in the community, and in themselves, as they act.

UoC builds technology that empower these journeys. Technology that breaks down the complex act of changemaking into simpler maps and milestones. Enables peer collaboration and build empathy with stakeholders. As changemakers go through driving social change, mentors get to design these journeys, view progress and handhold. 

Community Circles

Citizens, become the prime movers of change with UoC. The problem they attempt are complex and requires people with diverse skills and ability to collaborate. Commoning is different from noble tradition of volunteerism. Diverse Community Circles develop and apply problem-solving skills, and go further to examine the root causes of the problems that inspired them to serve in the first place — problems like poverty, illiteracy, and inequality.

UoC curates these Community Projects, and also builds technology that brings people together to solve complex problems. Eventually, he hope to transform citizens into reformers, community leaders, or launch their social ventures

Multi Domain Solutions

Volunteering and Citizen Engagement tools built by UoC are domain agnostic and cuts across all kinds of domains. Together, residents in partnership with their local leaders and non-profits, develop solutions that work in their areas. However!

One turns into Changemaker, when one starts to associate self with ‘that-one-Problem’ they see locally, or globally. That-One-Problem is often complex and needs deep immersion to understand it and domain expertise to operate its levers. This at UoC, we call, Domain. 

To build Domain specific solutions, is time consuming and expensive. At UoC, we have chosen few domains we believe we can impact. We work with changemakers in domains of Education, Agriculture, Artisans, Waste Management, and provide them with tools to manage their organizations and drive impact in communities. As we evolve, we will add more domain specific solutions.


Engage With Us

Donors and Grant Makers

Invest in Young People to Change the World!

The UoC funds are utilized to empower Commoners who influence their communities through high impact programs that fuel development in local communities. Our areas of priority are agri-livelihood, skilling and education.

Governments and Multilaterals

Build Stronger Communities, Build Capabilities

We invite state and central governments to re-think how volunteers can collaborate and drive large scale change. We provide cloud solutions to engage young changemakers in schools and colleges; skilled professionals in corporate. Imagine, if a hundreds of millions of people unite over a cause. 

Schools, Colleges and Corporates

Build Character and Leadership

We invite corporate, CSRs, universities and schools and leverage technology and bring together all volunteers on a single platform. Get a unified Volunteer Management System that also brings together all volunteers on a single app to manage all community projects. Keep track of progress, distribute work and discover a sustainable way to working together.

Social Enterprises

Co-create Impactful Community Projects. Hire a Commoner

Share your vision with us and we share ours, we turn projects into citizen-driven movements. Commoners complement and strengthen the workforce of companies, public institutions and civil society organizations.

Inclusivity Partners

Co-Creation Partner

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